Friday, January 19, 2007

Day One - Some Things Never Change

Day One

So I run into Bobby Wine in the locker room. "What's your name?" has asks me. Happiness washes over me. "Brown," I tell him. "Are you any good?" has asks. Oh, well. This can't be the way big league scouts do it.

Bobby Wine (center) with his famous clipboard as camp coordinator Jay Wegweiser (l) and former Met George Stone (r) look on.

Oh, it's just the way I remember it.

I have to confess that when I walked into the locker room I didn't almost lose my bladder like last time, but I was still extremely happy.

When the bus pulled into the parking lot at the Mets' training facility, I had to be prevented from jumping out the window and running onto the field, where guys were already
taking batting practice. Next time rent a car, I thought.

So I ran into the locker room, changed into cleats, and dashed out onto the field.

On the Field, Day One

I fielded the ball well, including one of those once in a lifetime plays - playing short, a guy hits a line drive in the space between me and the third baseman. We both lunge for it, and the ball glances off the third baseman's glove and I reach back behind me to catch it. Sadly, this occurred during batting practice, and thus is a totally useless act.

In fact, if you put your body in harm's way during batting practice, you are a fool.

This is the part where, like Bart Simpson, I should be made to write on the blackboard "I won't overdo it. I won't overdo it. I won't overdo it" about a million and one times.

Because when another line drive came my way I stretched all the way out and felt that familiar tweeeeeaaaaaak in my lower back. I never learn.

Then it was off to the banquet dinner, in which the pros are introduced, and each camper does a little introduction. Best line of the night came from my erstwhile teammate Ned Newhouse, who said, "I'm back again this year because this is the only fantasy my wife will let me have."

Tomorrow it's drills in the morning, then the coaches will draft teams, then we head out to play two games in the afternoon. I fully expect to be in full traction by evening.

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gomobile said...

With all due respect to my wonderful wife my comments are a testimate of how great this really camp is. While my beautiful and playful wife is great, playing baseball with ex Mets, freshly picked teamates that all want to win the championship and professional facilities for 5 days this is the most fun I get to have during the year. Ya know boyhood fufillment stuff most guys have in 'em for life. This is my 3rd straight year and I hope to come back for my 10th in a row at age 55.